Thursday, January 30, 2014

Narls' 7th Minecraft Birthday Party

Have I shared pictures from Narls' birthday party? It was a boytastic time full of friends, Minecraft, laser tag, rollerskating, pizza, presents, and cake. 
Party snippets:

My boy had the best time ♥
Party details:
It was hard to find Minecraft party stuff so I had to make almost everything.
Invites were made on photoshop and printed on cardstock,
goodie bags are just green bags with the creeper image sharpied onto them (which is also what I did with the kids' party cups),
the sticker was found at a dollar store and the candy labels were made on photoshop then printed on cardstock,

the amazing & delicious cake was made by a friend,

and I also made the thank you cards on photoshop then printed on cardstock.
Narls' past parties:

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