Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Been Five Years

Although Narls has been literally counting down the days until his fifth birthday, it honestly snuck right up on Clay and me. 

Narls is a lot like I am. He gets obsessed with the things he loves.  Right now it's Angry Birds.  We wanted to surprise him with an Angry Birds party at a gym or someplace open, where he and his friends could run and tumble and throw plush Angry Birds at stacked cardboard boxes, but sadly we couldn't find a space that was available and reasonably priced. So that party has been pushed to the summer when we can do it in our back yard.  That's ok though; he'll be able to play with his friends on summer break. A last hurrah before they become big time Kindergartners.

In the meantime, we threw a little something together with a few close friends at Chuck E Cheese.  He had his Angry Birds cake that he loved (we all did!) and he had an absolute blast. 

I'm so proud of this kid.  He's special. 
He's bright and inquisitive and legitimately funny. 
He's tenderhearted and sensitive and kind. 

The other day I was driving him and his sister to school and I was sort of zoning out, thinking of that day's rundown, when I hear him say, "wow, we've caught every light green, Mom. That means we're going to have a lucky day!"

I smiled back at him in the rearview mirror as he stared ahead to the stoplights.
He always surprises me with his observations.

Shoot, Buddy, forget lucky day, we're going to have a lucky year.


  1. Can't even wrap my brain around him being five!
    He truly is something special! <3

  2. Happy Birthday Narls!! Lucky year is right, mom! Hope he had a great day. Jordan would flip over that Angry Birds cake.

  3. Narls was only like 3 months old when we became friends. I cannot believe that he's five, although I can't say I'm at all surprised by how amazing he is. Great genes, you know. He's a good boy and a great big brother. <3 I know he'll have a lucky year.