Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Winter That Killed Me

Ok, so it hasn't killed me quite yet, but if Mother Nature keeps up like this then I will surely die. I heard somewhere that Michigan has gotten more snow this year than any other state. And our temps, with this crazy wind chill, are colder than Alaska's. Aint that some shit? I love the snow as much as the next person, but this bitter-cold-instantly-freeze-any-exposed-body-parts can gtfo.  What fun is winter if the snow is harder than ice and it's too cold to actually go outside and play?
And playing we've been doing, because school has been cancelled multiple times. It was called off again this morning, making it number ten.  TEN DAYS, YOU GUYS. The first few were fun; I was actually even wishing for them. But now they're awful. Long stretched out days of whining and sibling fighting and severe cabin fever and moments where I'm pretty sure Narls and I aren't going to be friends anymore (that kid's mouth lately, maaaaaan; no one told me seven was the age kids kinda turn into jerks).
I managed to work from home most mornings, getting a lot of my stuff done while they're sleeping, and either dropped them off to Clay so they could hang out at the station or took them to their friend's house, so I could make it into the office for the afternoon; the days I can't do that I've had to use PTO time for the afternoon (oh, my precious PTO). We've read every book, played every game, colored every picture, and honestly, all Narls and Em really want to do is fight with each other and mess up my house and play this really annoying game of tell mom you're hungry the very minute she gets the dishes done and everything put away from the last meal.

I've taken to the streets to entertain them; at this point of winter, driving on sheets of ice is preferable to staying home and wanting to kill each other. 

Hoping for a sun day tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry, but I died laughing at , "no one told me seven was the age kids kinda turn into jerks", since our niece is seven and mouthy! Hang in there, I hope it stops snowing, soon!

  2. We're on snowday #5 here. Its also colder than Alaska. Ick. I'm over it.