Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow For Days

We are under 18 inches of snow. One and a half feet has fallen on the lower half of my state in the last two days. This is the most snow I remember ever getting at one time.  It's been advised that people refrain from driving if possible, because of the numerous accidents and pretty much impassable roads. 
We were celebrating a late Christmas with my husband's family this past weekend and decided to make the 2-hour drive home on Saturday, a day earlier than we planned, because of this impending storm. We stopped at the grocery store for a couple things and the shelves were bare.  Snowfall was getting heavy just as we made it home. 
Clay shoveled our driveway three times on Sunday. Three times in one day. And he still got stuck just outside our drive on Monday morning as he attempted to drive our SUV into work. I helped him shovel the snow out from around the wheels at 4am that morning so he could pull it back into our garage.  A coworker with full-wheel drive came and picked him up. They're in broadcasting; they have to go to work, especially during bad storms. Be still my heart.
My kids and I haven't left our house in three days. They were supposed to go back to school on Monday after a 2-week winter break, but schools have obviously been cancelled.  In fact, officials have already cancelled school for tomorrow morning, making it the third snowday so far. It isn't looking like they'll go back on Thursday either.
I cannot complain though, besides my worry about Clay driving, because we're safe and warm. The snow is coming down in huge billowy puffs, making everything look enchanted and magical, like it's straight out of Frozen
We've change out of the night's pajamas into the day's pajamas. We have watched movies, played the Wii, read two whole Magic Tree House books, made icecream out of the snow (vanilla on Sunday and chocolate on Monday), did about six science experiments (Narls got a science kit for Christmas), and it's been great.

I have completely loved being snowed in with these guys.

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  1. Looks like you guys made the best of it! We didn't get nearly that much snow, but it definitely was COLD.