Monday, January 14, 2013

Six Amazing Years

My baby boy turned six years old on Saturday. 
Six amazing years have flown by at lightning speed. 

Clay and I surprised him by taking cupcakes to his classroom Friday afternoon. His smile was priceless.

And then Saturday morning was his party, which I'm pretty sure came straight out of his six year old dreams with a Star Wars birthday cake,

rollerskating, including his first coupleskate with the lovely Rilee K ;)


pizza and cake with his besties,


a very exciting and prosperous trip into the *~money machine~*,

awesome prezzies,




and arcade games.


We couldn't of had a better day to celebrate our boy. In fact, my husband summed it up perfectly on his facebook page.

Happy birthday again, Sweet Narls. 
I cannot thank you enough for making our lives as wonderful and hilarious as only you can.


  1. What a perfect birthday celebration. What a perfect little boy. I can't believe Narls is six! He looks like he had a fantastic time. And Em's roller rink couture? I die.