Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glow Stick Star Wars Photo Valentines

Narls is obsessed with Star Wars. Have I mentioned that before? My husband is a Star Wars nerd fan, and a couple years ago he introduced Narls and Em to the movies and the Clone Wars cartoons, and now it’s to the point where the three of them are counting down the days until the new movie starts filming.

So when I saw this picture last summer, I knew we could totally make Narls similar custom Valentine cards, only without the gross pixie sticks. Maybe pencils? Some sort of Star Wars suckers? And then duh, GLOW STICKS, which I found at Party City- five for a $1.

For Narls’ Valentines, I took a picture of him wearing a Star Wars tee and holding an unextended lightsaber, added a cutesy Valentine phrase ("join the dark heart side this Valentine's Day", I KNOW, RIGHT?), then edited it on Photoshop. I made the photo into 3x5-in cards, layered five cards to fit on a standard sheet of paper, and sent them off to Office Max to be printed on a sturdy cardstock. I didn't want to use a photo service because I knew he would be writing on the cards, so I wanted them to be as card-like as possible.  The five sheets cost about $3 to print.

We cut each card out, Narls filled them in,

and I used a razor blade to make slits where the lightsaber/glow stick was to be inserted.
Just a note here, our glow sticks are rather long because they bend into bracelets.  Instead of making bigger cards, I opted to turn the lightsaber into a double-blade lightsaber (which coincidently is something Narls desperately wanted, and got, for his recent birthday), so the glow stick could poke out the top and bottom of each card.

$8 for 25 custom, adorable candy-free Valentines. Awesome.

I'll share Em's Valentines next week; we're still working on hers.

And if you're curious, here are the heart crayon Valentines we made last year,

and the sucker photo Valentines we made the year before that.

♥ ♥ ♥

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