Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recycled Crayons Valentines

My kids and I made a bunch (think 60!) recycled heart-shaped crayons for their Valentine's party.  I wanted them to bring something other than candy, which they're sure to get a ton of. 

 They're super simple to make. You just need crayons and some silicone molds (they're the easiest to pop the crayon out of).

The best method of removing the paper from the crayons is to use a razor and make a slit down the crayon. Then enlist some helpers to peel the wrappers right off. 

 If your helpers are anything like mine, they'll enjoy breaking the crayons into pieces the best.  Just put the pieces in your mold (we used 3 crayons per mold), then pop in an oven heated to 200 for 15-20 minutes. 


 After they're sufficiently melted, remove from oven and put right into freezer.   You want them to re-solidify into the new shape.  Just don't leave them to freezer very long, maybe ten minutes max.  If you do too long, they'll likely crack either in the freezer or immediately after you remove them when they adjust to the warmer air in your kitchen.

Now you're good to go!


My kids then filled out their Valentines (it was a requirement, in fact, for the kids in Narls' per-kindergarten class to write his/her own name on each card).

Em scribbled something on the first couple, then quickly lost interest.  I had to fill in the rest of hers.

Lastly, we put a crayon into a cellophane treat bag, then stapled it closed with a signed Valentine. 
A creative, fun, non-candy Valentine :)


  1. too cute! I totally went all kinds of lame this year and just did cards. Must. do. something. cute. next year!