Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Moving, Now Toning

You guys, I have used the treadmill for seven consecutive days and I'm amazed at how much of a hassle it hasn't been. It's been easy. I've been anticipating it each day, even.  The running, the walking- both have been... enjoyable.

That's a good thing because I'm about to add to my daily repituire.  Nothing crazy, just a few toning exercises three days a week.   On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, when I'm usually sitting on the couch with my kids while they watch their 30-minute bedtime show, I will now be on the living room floor doing a few different ab exercises, a few different arm exercises, and a few different ass exercise.  Triple A, I'm calling it.  Because I'm incredibly cheesy like that.

For the abs, I'm thinking crunches, bicycles, pelvic lifts, and some planks

And for ass, hip abductions, squats, lunges, and bent knee hip extensions

I only have 30 minutes, so I plan on doing a few sets of two or three exercises for each targeted group.  However many I can do in ten minutes basically, then move on to the next group.  On paper it looks easy; we'll see what it's like for real :) 

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