Monday, December 10, 2012

Gingerbread House

Yesterday our advent ... garland? .... said to make a gingerbread house, so we made a gingerbread house.

Well we attempted to, anyway.

They're like super hard. We did one last year, our first, and I think maybe we got the super easy kit or something?, because we had no issues putting that one up.

This year was a whole 'nother story. Pieces were breaking, sections were sliding apart...

it was a mess.

I know sometimes I can get super dramatical and call things messes when really they're just minor
imperfections, but this wasn't that.

Clay was swearing, we resorted to trying to hotglue shit together and using legos as braces, and I even added another shot of Bailey's to my hot cocoa, but nothing worked.

So we took a time out, and watched some seriously adorable Tinker Bell, and called it a night.

Right after we ate our weight in (unglued) gingerbread pieces.


  1. This happened to me last year. The trick is sanding down the sides with a knife and hot glue. My husband built a mega mansion gingerbread yesterday LOL

  2. I was tempted to do one of these with Amelia. Maybe I'm glad we aren't going to have time.

    I really love your advent garland. I think I need to make one for next year!