Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making Memories

Someday my babies will be grown up. As unfathomable as that it, it is very true. And it's happening so fast right before my eyes. 

This is Narls and Em's only childhood and I'm trying so hard to fill it traditions and memories and happiness. Whether it be a lazy day spent in pajamas or a special night out, like our family's first trip to Christmas at Crossroads Village, I want them to look back and know without a doubt that they were loved and cherished every. single. day.

I want them to know that I cannot even put into words the happiness and warmness and security I felt riding the train with their father, listening to them sing Christmas carols. It brought tears to my eyes and it's a memory - a feeling - that I will never forget. 

I hope they won't either.  

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  1. You my friend, are an amazing mother (person, wife, etc). You think beyond today, beyond the holiday, beyond the moment - your kids will cherish everything you do for them.