Friday, December 7, 2012

The Return of Elfabit Victor

Last year was the first year that we were graced with the presence of an Elf on the Shelf, Elfabit Victor.  He came the weekend after Thanksgiving and proceeded to get into a few very interesting situations every night until Christmas eve, when we flew back to the North Pole for some much needed rest and relaxation.

This year, he arrived on December first. I originally thought Elfabit would make his 2012 debut sometime around mid-December, but my kids were hearing their friends talk about their elves and Narls even had an elf show up in his kindergarten class so they were getting anxious about the arrival of their elf.

Narls and Em opened our front door to check for any snow fall (upon my and Clay's suggestion) and, wow, what a coincidence, there was a package for them on the porch with a return address of Santa's Workshop, North Pole.

That first day, Elfabit arrived in package with a sweet letter and presents! The letter explained how he thought about them both all year and hoped they'd continue being good this Christmas season. It also mentioned how chilly it is at the North Pole, so he brought them some Christmas jammies to keep them snuggly and warm all winter. Narls and Em dramatic died right then and there. And they had to immediately change into their new pjs.

He's been getting into mischief ever since. And I gotta say, it’s been a lot of fun. Last year both Narls and Em (more so Em) were very skeptical of Elfabit. They regarded him with a bit of trepidation.  This year, though, they are loving him and it's hysterical to watch their reactions to all the places they find him.

Day 2: He pretended to be Batman and took over Narls' Bat Cave,

Day 3: and he played a bit of Angry Birds in our family room.

Day 4: He roasted marshmallows over an electronic candle (not the smartest, that Elfabit Victor, or maybe he is considering he couldn't burn down our house this way),

Day 5: and he planted some sweet smooches.
Who knew Elfabit was such a kissing bandit? My kids were quick to point out that he must have kissed my lips in my sleep as well, because I had lipstick all over my mouth (despite seriously trying to rub it off - MAC lipsticks are no joke).  I'm just glad they didn't wonder how such tiny elf lips can leave such human-sized stains. 

Day 6: He drug out all of Narls' dinosaurs and had a parade around the Christmas tree (this wasn't the kids' favorite situation as they had to put all the dinosaurs back),

Day 7: and he was chilling (literally) in our fridge, helping himself to some froyo.

One week down, and like I said, it's been fun. And he hasn't gotten chewed up by our puppy yet, so it looks like there's going to be another week :)


  1. Loving this! I'm dying over the first pic, last one of Em..the face she makes. Sarah gives me the same look all the time. <3

  2. Oh em gee how I love Elfabit Victor's shenanigans. The last picture is the best thing ever! Your kids are so lucky to have a tradition like this...they're likely remember it forever!

  3. Em is everything with those faces. Mr. Victor is getting into it huh?

  4. You always have the cutest ideas for that little victor. I'm so happy they were expecting him and their excitement over the new jammies, the pic is too cute. I love these babies and I love you too mumma! Miss ya. ;)