Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St Patrick's Day, Doherty Style

I briefly mentioned in yesterday's post that Clay and I go away to celebrate St Patrick's Day (we actually celebrate the entire weekend). We have an amazing group of friends who go too and this is our seventh year celebrating at the Doherty Hotel, which is located in an Irish town about two hours from our house. The entire town celebrates and it is one green celebration the entire weekend. It's something both Clay and I look forward to each year.

We load up the kiddos and they stay with Clay's mom for the weekend.  It's nice because she doesn't live too far from the hotel where Clay and I stay.  And both Narls and Emerson have an absolute blast staying with her.

 Only an hour into our mini Irish vacation and the drinking had commenced.

 Only two drinks in and I started with the self-portraits.

 My favorite part of the weekend? Hanging out with Clayton <3