Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Little Fish

Narls and Emerson just completed their swimming lessons.   This is a HUGE accomplishment for these two as just eight weeks ago they barely tolerated their baths, let alone any bigger bodies water like pools or lakes.

Em was in a parent & me class and for whatever reason flat out refused to swim with Clay.  It had to be me- every. single. week.  All of my bathing suits are a bit... skimpy... and the last thing I wanted to do in the middle of March is get in a not-even-quite-lukewarm pool.  But for my girl I did.  With a tanktop on over my bikini.  It was a labor of love.

Narls was in a class without parents.  Clay, Em and I sat on the bench and watched him make remarkable progress from week to week.  His first class? He literally cried and screamed for us to come and get him out of the pool for the entire 30 minute class session.  His instructor, Coach Brian, assured us he'd be fine and to leave Narls in the pool with him.  His patience was incredible.  I was a nervous wreck, ready to pull my boy up and out of the water and never bring him back.

But Coach Brian was right.  Narls came around by the second class and absolutely loved the rest of his swimming lessons.

 Now he has a certificate that lists all of his achievements, like entering and exiting the pool by himself, blowing bubbles through his mouth for three seconds, submerging his face and rolling from front to back while in the water.  He's as proud as a peacock.

And so am I.  Even of my stubborn girl who only wanted her mumma in the water with her.

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