Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St Patty's Day Rainbow Cupcakes

Clay and I go away every St Patrick's weekend and our children stay with their grandma. This year Narls is particularly excited about the prospect of "finding a leprechaun" at grandma's house, which led to us talking about the leprechaun's pot of gold and how it's supposed to be found at the end of a rainbow.

Coincidentally enough it was slightly sprinkling as we were talking, so both he and Em spent a good portion of the morning looking outside in hopes of spotting a rainbow.  No luck.  But, being the resourceful mama that I am, I whipped them up some of their own little rainbows (in the form of cupcakes).

They were clearly pleased as evident by the complete lack of crumbs.


And the enormous smiles.


  1. Gorgeous! I want one, just because they're pretty! :)

    Ashley, http://laughlovelattes.com

  2. yes, these are just plain pretty! i'll definitely have to bookmark this! thanks for sharing!!