Monday, March 21, 2011

St Patrick's Day Recap

We love St Patrick's Day in this house. In all honesty, we love just about every single holiday that rolls around, but the green day is especially high on the list.  We started the day with some happy kiddos in their festive shirts.

And look, an oldie snapshot from last year. I can't believe how much Em has changed!

I dropped the kiddos off at preschool/daycare and headed to Firkin & Fox, where Clay's morning show was doing its fifth annual Kegs and Eggs broadcast.  I couldn't stay long because I had to work but I was able to enjoy some green eggs & ham, a couple bites of a scotch egg and I filled out my March Madness brackets.

And lastly, after both Clay and I were done with work, we picked up the kiddos and headed to Dairy Queen which has became a St Patrick's Day tradition for us.  A mini-sized mint oreo blizzard? Yes, please!

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