Thursday, May 9, 2013

Essential Bras Every Girl Should Own

You know what day it is? ThrowBack Thursday! So I'm sharing a picture of my bra drawer, taken last year. None of these lovelies fit me today. Sad, but totally worth it.

And do you know what I got to do this week? WEAR A BRA. For the first time since getting my boob job 3+ weeks ago, I got clearance to wear a bra. An only-cotton no-underwire bra, but a bra nonetheless.  This is something I never thought I'd be excited about, but seriously, not wearing one at work - my corporate banking job - is probably one of the most awkward things I've encountered in my life. 

Buying an only-cotton no-underwire bra was a bit tougher than I anticipated because almost every bra out there contains some element of padding and/or lift; I finally tracked one down in the training bra section. Kidding! But it totes reminds me of my first training bra (that 13yo Ami begged her mom to buy her- out of desire, not need), only you know, much much bigger. 34C bigger! ::cue happy dancing::

Shopping for this bra did get me completely excited for when I can wear any old bra I want and how fun it'll be restocking my undergarment drawer.  In honor of this momentous occasion, I've compiled a list of essential bras every girl should own.

A few comfortable everyday bras are must haves. Look for smooth silhouette ones that can be worn under cotton t-shirts and pretty lace ones for pairing with work blouses. Necessary in black & nude.

Add a little vah-vah-voom to date night. Perfect for when you want to feel sexy.

Something silky and lovely to make you feel flirty and feminine.

We all agree that leopard is a neutral, so a gorgeous leopard bra is a staple and deserves a category all its own. 

Perfect under strapless maxi dresses, summer tanks, and formal wear.

Yoga, running, spinning, weight training- whatever activity you partake in, you gotta keep the tatas secure.  Look for something bright and fun for some extra workout motivation.

What do you think? Are there any I missed?

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  1. My fave- leopard :)

  2. love that your post is focused on boobs and bras haha- we can all relate here!! yay for you finally getting to wear one again!

  3. loved this post!! I just need the boobs to fill out all these pretty bras haha :)

  4. What an awesome post!! LOVE!! Just wait till you get to go crazy at V.S. for your new "girls"!!! I had tons of fun after getting mine :)

  5. Thanks for the everyday suggestion. Wearing the Dream Angels by VS gets pretty expensive at $52 each. Oy. And the Champion ones are amazing for the gym.

  6. i have like 6 nude bras and just wear those all the time, i'm really cool. i do have the others ones but I just always shoot for comfort! i don't think you missed a step!!

  7. I got a really inexpensive non push up bra from target before!

    xx Denysia Yu

  8. I've never heard Leopard being a neutral before, but now I totally get it!

  9. A C cup is my dream bra day I'll make that happen. There are so many gorgeous bras out there. And I agree 1,000% that leopard is a neutral!

  10. Loved this post! :)


  11. I don't think I have ever owned that many bras total, ever. I definitely need to invest in some new bras!
    Definitely wishing I could get a boob job :D
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  12. I think I have an unnatural obsession with bra shopping. I'm pretty sure anytime I hit the mall I come home with a new bra. I'm currently dying over that push-up example you shared!

    Glad to hear that you can wear an actual bra now!