Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things in April

It's everybody's favorite time of the month!

Dressing for spring.

Waking up to puppy dog eyes.

Emerson's budding fashion sense and fiercly independent I-Can-Dress-My-Own-Self attitude.

A thoughtful gift from my thoughtful husband to help me sleep in a 45degree angle.

Our annual Delta Phi Epsilon sorority reunion.
The Croods! Loved this movie.

My heart and soul.

 Saturday morning ritual.

 First official day as a FirstMerit employee. And yes, I kept my job.

 Missing Disney.

 The girls.

 Narls' first story.

 April Ipsy bag.

 Suckers: there are two born every minute.

 Mexican with my husband.

 Filling out her bestfriend's birthday card.
An apology from my boy, after a rough morning for the both of us.

Saturday morning walks.


  1. Im pretty sure that every single one of our date nights consist of mexican food, and margs LOve it!!!

  2. Emerson's style is absoloutely adorable! I love the outfits that the little girls I nanny put together, the youngest is always wearing tutus and ballet slippers and other crazy costumes. And your dressing for Spring outfit is AMAZING. I would die walking in those sexy heels so I'm totally jealous.

  3. Aww the fur babies are so much better at photo taking than mine is! Seaweed face mask? What does it do?

  4. Words cannot express how much I love LUSH. I love how Em accessorizes. She is her mumma's daughter 100%. I'm so glad you kept your job! One major stress factor taken care of. <3 Hope May is as fabulous as your April was.

  5. This post is packed full of goodness! I LOVE that necklace, I want it (cute outfit too)! When I saw your employee welcome kit, I was all "OMGurrrl I've got to get this going for my bank!!!" I don't know why I never thought of it. That is scary how you thought you wouldn't get to work there anymore.

  6. Love your life, seriously. I'm pretty sure i'm thee only woman who hasn't gotten her hands on anything LUSH. Letters from sweet boys are one of the best things ever.

  7. Looks like April was a great month, lovely!

  8. oh i love your spring outfit!

  9. Em is a total fashionista. I bet she is already totally eyeballing your accessories and shoes to one day claim as her own. She inherited your amazing fashion sense

  10. Love that outfit and love your blog! Would you like to exchange links?

  11. Love that outfit in the first post. And The Croods was a super cute, super fun movie.