Monday, October 29, 2012

The Ghost of Halloween's Past

I am extremely proud of the costume I wore to Clay's work Halloween party because I pulled it together in just a couple hours and didn't have to buy a single thing. 

This was my inspiration: a Day of the Dead Calavera.  I had all the makeup, which took me a couple hours to do, and I  wore a corset and a lacy black skirt with some boots and a floral bed jacket.  A few of Em's big bright flower hairclips completed the look. I got so many compliments! I swear I'd love to wear my makeup like this every day.

Clay and our friend Matt went as Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike. Surely you know who they are. If not, take a listen to one of their viral hits:

I listened to so many Krispy Kreme songs this night.  SO. MANY.

This post got me so nostalgic for my and Clay's previous costumes, that I went hunting for prior year's pictures. 

2011: a leopard and Humpty Hump
Last year was crazy- all those weddings, all those trips; when Halloween came rolling around I just was not feeling it.  So I only dressed up for work and skipped Clay's work party, which I totally regret now.  I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? I need to remember that.

2010: Medusa and Michael Phelps
I wish I had a better picture of the snakes in my hair; they were pretty fierce. Although those contacts - bought from a party store in a reallllllly bad party of town, I know I know, still creep me out. And I really should of posted the picture of Michael post-warmups, in his tiny speedo and nothing else, so you would get the full effect of the costume, god that was a good time.

2009: Bill Cosby and a bride
I was pretty sure I was never getting married at this point, so I figured this would be my only chance to wear a wedding dress.

2008: a gypsy and Mr Miyagy
I was five months pregnant with Em at this point and decided the day of the party that my stomach absolutely had to be henna'ed.  I found a guy on Craigslist who came to my & Clay's apartment to do his work, again- I know I know, and then I talked him into coming to the party and henna'ing the guests. He charged a ridiculously low amount, like $5 a person, and left a rich man.  I still see him here and there around town and he always makes me smile.

2008: a greek goddess and The Dude.
I don't even know.

2007: Borat and a pregnant nun
This picture embarrasses me to no end. I thought I was being terribly clever - get it, a pregnant nun, no one's ever done that before!, and goodness was I HUGE.  I was just over seven months pregnant with Narls and probably 70lbs into my 100lb pregnancy. So gross. It's amazing I allowed myself to have another child.

2006: Carl from Caddy Shack and a dark fairy
I can't even post my whole costume because it's completely inappropriate. This was at the height of my slutty Halloween phase, which thankfully I've completely grown out of.  Literally and figuratively.  

2005: Jay (of the Jay and Silent Bob variety) and a fair maiden
How adorable is my pregnant best friend???    

2004: Jesus and a wood nymph
This was our very first halloween party. I think 13 people came? Not a lot, but oh my, did we ever have fun. So much fun that we decided throwing a halloween party had to be an annual event. There were hundreds of people at our last party in 2009. It's nuts to think of how popular the parties got. Makes me even more nostalgic. Maybe next year we'll throw a reunion halloween party :)


  1. You always have the most amazing costumes. Your makeup/costume this year = flawless.

  2. You guys have had some pretty epic costumes!! I wish Steve would be more enthusiastic about dressing up :P This years costumes was amazing, and even more amazing you just "threw" it together.