Saturday, October 27, 2012

Punkin' Party

Our friend Shannone invited us to an annual pumpkin party that she hosts.

She told us how a local pumpkin patch kindly donated a ton of pumpkins, so each kiddo got to pick out their favorite.  

There was chili, and mac-n-cheese made with pumpkin-shaped noodles, and drinks, and munchies galore.  In the garage were tables set out with so many carving accessories: tiny saws, carving knives, candles, glitter, stickers, foam cut-outs, light-bright pegs, and seriously, so. much. more! 
It was amazing.

Em was a little hesitant about the whole carving of a pumpkin,

but Narls was an old pro.

The whole party was a great time and the kiddos had a blast.

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  1. I've always wanted to throw/partake in something like this. Everyones pumpkins look great, and mustve been a blast.