Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Contemplating Life Over Cupcakes

Today's ring said to bake cupcakes. Narls and Em are overjoyed. Me? Not so much. I'm tired and cranky and just got home from work and want nothing more than a delicious glass of red wine and an evening spent on the couch.

Clay is gone, filming for a basketball game.  I can't do this alone.  I ask (beg) the kids doesn't a movie sound better? We can watch a Christmas one!

They're undeterred. They just watched a Christmas movie yesterday, remember?  I start a pot of coffee as I briefly contemplate my guilt of being the mother that sticks her kids in front of the tv for some precious moments of time where she doesn't have to do anything for anyone.  

I listen to them talk, excitedly, hurriedly, as they line the muffin tin with decorative wrappers.

I sip the first precious tastes of my coffee, flavored with a bit of peppermint creamer.

And I feel myself relax.

Inspired even.

We bypass the box mix and break out the flour and butter and sugar; we're doing this from scratch, babies.

We measure and mix and scrape and lick. 

And while our kitchen fills up with the lovely scent of vanilla, I watch my kids and marvel at them. 

My girl's hair is getting so long; when did this happen?  And my boy just said certainly; when did he learn that word? 

I work, I come home worn out, I complain about how busy I am, and I wonder when life will slow down.  But life is still happening in the meantime. My babies are growing.  And there are precious moments like that I'm missing.

Homemade frosting, too.  There are big things going on in our kitchen.  Delicious things. Heartfelt things.

It's during my busiest times when I need need the simplest things the most.

Things like baking with my babies.

Sipping a perfect cup of coffee.

Dancing to Christmas music.

Eating a perfect homemade cupcake.

And Clay walked in the door just as we were decorating.

Perfect timing, DaddyO.

The simple things.


  1. I loved this post. I love them all, but what a perfect reminder that during the hectic, busy, craziness of life, it really is the simple things that mean so much. <3

    I was thinking as I saw the first pic that Em's hair was getting super long. Where did your babies go??

    <3 them always!


  2. What a good job of putting things into perspective. I know I don't tell you every day, but every day I Love You. Not in the dull kind of "old couple love" way. . . but in the "I Am In Love With You Every Day" kind of way.