Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Snipping the Sucky

Does anyone remember the great Bug-in-Sucky disaster of 2008?  Narls was about a year and a half old and still quite found of his sucky until, unfortunately and quite mysteriously, a "bug" (looking awfully similar to a piece of broccoli) somehow managed to wedge itself into his sucky.  How? I'm not exactly certain but it may have had something to do with a snip I made in the pacifier earlier that evening.

He was completely grossed out and threw that sucky away himself.  We had a couple subsequent nights full of alligator tears and heartfelt wails for his beloved sucky but then he woke up one morning and never asked for it again.

Fast forward three years, and here Clay and I are again- dealing with another sucky-obsessed toddler.  Only this one is much more persistent and dramatic and feisty, all traits contributing to the fact that Emerson has now had hers one whole year longer than her brother.

Until this morning, when strangely enough, another snip has randomly appeared in a sucky. 

I suggested a bug, but Narls is pretty sure it was the work of our cat.  Neither suspect me, their adoring mama, and I'm perfectly fine with Snowmeow being the scapegoat. 

I'm not gonna lie though, I'm nervous about tonight. 
Wish us luck getting this girl to bed; we're gonna need it.


  1. ahh! Good luck Ami! I hope it's soon gone forever. You're such a sneaky. I would have never thought of that, at least I think so. :)

  2. I cannot believe how big these kiddos are getting. LOL @ Narls calling snowmeow feisty. That is awesome and I love his problem solving. Let's get a big girl sucky ...too funny.