Friday, August 19, 2011

Snipping the Sucky, Part II

I can't even begin to explain how easy the past two bedtimes have been for Emerson, even with the absence of her sucky.  Wednesday night Clay put her to sleep, and Thursday night I did, and each time was, well, easy.

She asked for it a couple times during the bedtime routine, and each time we'd hand her the "broken" sucky and she'd laugh about how Snowmeow bit it and then hand it back to us.  Absolutely no tears and not even the smallest bit of whining. 

In fact, she thinks the whole thing is pretty hilarious.

So this morning we took the final step and she threw the broken sucky away. 

Which, you know, is thumbs up all around.

This girl is ah-mazing.  Like, I completely underestimated her.  Now we just gotta start focusing on using the potty and she'll be ready for world domination.


  1. Look at your little big girl! Thumbs up indeed, Em.

  2. Yay! Gosh, she's just too cute. That last picture is so precious.

  3. Your babies are growing up too fast! So glad this went just as smoothly as it did with Narls!