Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

This summer has been a little nuts. Clay and I got married. So many of our friends are getting married or have gotten married.  We had Vegas, then Clay was off to Atlantic City for work, and we have upcoming trips to Baltimore and Tucson in the fall... busy, busy.  So we didn't do a family vacation this year. Add in the fact that we have a trip to Disney in the works for next year, and well, you can kinda see why we decided to keep things nice and simple for right now. 

But we still wanted the babies to enjoy their summer before Narls starts pre-k and Em starts early preschool.  So besides camping,

we packed in lots of Chuck E. Cheese,

and trips to the Children's Museum.

We had an adventure at the zoo,

and spent many afternoons making crafts.

Not to mention weekly trips to the library,

and the park.

I think they're enjoying themselves :)

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  1. Where are your little kids?! They're both so big.