Sunday, April 17, 2011

Epic Vegas Trip: Saturday

Saturday morning began with Cass reading an early morning text from Jill saying we all needed to get together and talk.  Laura was very upset, to the point where she spent all of Friday night bawling and was trying to change her flight to leave early. I texted Cali and we arranged to meet for breakfast in the cafe in our hotel.

Laura and Jill didn't make breakfast, as both were still sleeping from their late nights (Jill was up late gambling and Laura was up late crying). Cali, bless her heart, attempted to smooth things over, explaining things from all sides.  Eventually the conversation turned to the impending spa appointment, which I was now nervous about as it would cause our group to be split again.  I hated that Laura was upset, I hated that Cass was being singled out, I hated that poor Cali felt she had to play peace-maker.  Honestly, I felt a bit ready to head home myself.

And as much as I loved that Clay booked me such a lavish spa package, I also felt bad about it.  Mary Anne and Cass were getting massages, which I believe were scheduled for an hour, and here I had a FOUR HOUR appointment slot.  What would they do in the meantime?  Would they be bored or annoyed waiting for me?  So many different things were weighing heavy on my mind this morning. 

A lot of my worries melted away the minute we walked into the spa at The Palms.  This place was the epitome of luxurious.  We changed into plush robes and were then given a quick tour, with our host showcasing the rooftop jacuzzis and amazing sauna.  Cass and Mary Anne told me they'd be perfectly comfortable spending any extra time relaxing and hanging out and I was feeling less stressed by the minute. 

I had an ah-may-zing massage.  For thirty minutes I relaxed into a semi-state of consciousness as the masseuse kneaded out every knot of tension from my back and shoulders.  From there I spent a good half hour by myself in the rooftop jacuzzi and literally every single care was washed away and I felt more at ease than I had in a long time.  I dressed and headed to my mani/pedi appointments feeling recharged, like a new woman.  The nail technician even talked me into a vibrant fuchsia color for my finger and toenails, much different than the usual dark brown or black that I prefer.

I moved into the stylist's hair, now ready for the hair style and makeup application portion of my spa appointment.  It was at this point that Mary Anne and Cass come to hang out and chat with me, or so I thought.  Mary Anne asked me to turn around and look at who was with them.  The first person I see is Laura and she's smiling and instantly my heart swells because she didn't leave early! Surely this meant that all the drama was resolved and everything was good again.  Such a great feeling! I then hear Mary Anne say, "look who else is here honey". I turn around completely and my mouth falls open when I see Jen, one of Clay's closest friends (and mine too!), standing there with a hot-pink wrapped present and a garment bag.

Jim, Jen's boyfriend, wasn't at the salon; it was just my girlfriends at this point.  This is the only picture I have - taken by Cass - of Jen holding the goodies though. Thank god for good friends who think to photograph everything!

I'm not sure what I thought at this point.  It's a blur.  I just know that my heart was racing because Jen wasn't supposed to be in Las Vegas.  Why was she standing there, holding these things, with this huge goofy grin on her face? A note was handed to me and with shaky hands and faltering breaths I read the words that would change my life.

Clay's handwriting.  He was in Vegas.  He was here to marry me.  The dress in the garment bag is mine. The shoes in the wrapped present are mine.  Mary Anne bought me a bouquet. She and Jen have been in on it with Clay from the beginning. He had been planning to surprise me with a wedding in Vegas for as long as I've been planning meeting my girls in Vegas.  This was all so much to take in. I was crying. I couldn't catch my breath. I didn't believe this was really happening. 

My first question was where were our kids.  Were they here in Vegas too?  No, they are happily staying at Clay's mom's I was told.  Ok.  Wait!  Mom!  My mom! Do my parents know? And what about my bestfriend? Do they know that I'm about to be married? Today? In Vegas?  We don't think so was the reply.  Ok.  And lastly, WHAT IS THE DATE? I didn't even know my own wedding date.  April ninth somebody said.  April 9th.  A perfect day for a surprise Vegas wedding.

My friends left shortly after that, they had a wedding to get ready for themselves after all, and I sat there with tears running down my face and my own ridiculous goofy grin spread across my face as the stylist did my hair and makeup for my wedding. 

After my hair was curled, my lips were tinted pink and my lashes were coated with mascara, I changed into my flawless wedding dress at the salon - which fit perfectly, as my stylist helped me lace up the corset back.  I slipped my feet into a pair of the most gorgeous blush pink stilettos I've ever seen and I felt more beautiful than I ever have in my life.  And my heart burst at all of Jen's thoughtfulness, as buried in my shoe box was a silk pouch containing her pearls for my "something borrowed". 

I walked out of the spa and down a few floors to the lobby area of The Palms where a limo was waiting for me. The driver held open the door and inside was my groom-to-be, smiling as proudly and as lovingly as I've ever seen him.  I just smiled back at him. I couldn't even talk. Which was ok because there was no need for words.  Everything was just as it should be.

The limo driver drove us to the court house where a marriage license - one that Clay had applied for previously online - was printed and waiting for us, all we had to do was sign.

Before I knew it we were back in the limo and on our way to The Stratosphere, where Clay had booked The Chapel in the Clouds for our ceremony.   We were to be married 800 feet above the Las Vegas strip at 7:30pm.  He had arranged everything.  He had taken care of everything.  I hadn't eaten since breakfast earlier in the morning, and I was feeling a bit nauseous from all of the day's events, so we ordered a cocktail (two-for-one martinis!) and a fruit/cheese plate to help calm my nerves.  I also called my parents and my best friends, letting them know personally that I was about to marry my best friend and the love of my life. It was at this time that Clay started to fill me in on all of his secrets...

Like his "broken phone"? Not really broken.  Just a diversion tactic to keep me from asking to talk to our kiddos, who were miles and miles away from him SINCE HE HAD BEEN IN VEGAS SINCE THURSDAY.

And the dress? How did he know it was the one I dreamed of? Because at the time that Jen found it for me, she also sent the link to Clay, thus starting this whole crazy plan.

He tracked down my dream dress and Jen was keeping it safe (and thus hidden from me) until the ~big reveal~. He bought shoes that he loved, that he knew I'd love, and had those sent to Jen as well.  He bought my plane tickets in January (it was his birthday present to me), and at that time he also bought his own plane ticket.  He planned the spa day so I could be as relaxed and as beautiful as possible, without ever having to worry about a single thing.  He had been planning this for months! And I had no idea!  Not even a faint clue!  It still blows my mind.

How did I ever get this lucky? To have this amazing man who created this elaborate surprise, knowing exactly the dress and shoes that I would want, knowing my exact sizes for those shoes and that dress, and did everything within his power to make this day more wonderful and special than I ever could have imagined it?  He is my soulmate and there is nobody on this planet who knows me like he does.  I thank my sun, moon and stars every single day for him.

The ceremony was short, and to be honest I've already forgotten so much of it. Everything was such a blur. I mainly remember feeling so loved and feeling so much love. 

Mr and Mrs Church.  Newlyweds. Married.
I still can't completely believe it.

Clay had wedding bands that he purchased prior to leaving for Vegas. Mine and his. He thought of everything. It just so amazing. And I can't even describe what an aphrodisiac seeing that ring on the fourth finger of his left hand is.  So hot.

We took a limo to Lawry's Steakhouse, where he had dinner reservations for us.  In the limo were Jen and Jim, and Clay's brother Scott and Scott's wife Kelly, who were also in on the surprise and flew in to Vegas to celebrate with us.

Not only were Scott and Kelly witnesses to our wedding, but Scott gave a very heartfelt and touching speech.

Dinner was entertaining and delicious and it was an intimate affair with just the few friends who knew about Clay's plan.  We laughed and toasted and drank and I don't think there was a time when Clay and I weren't smiling. Well, maybe when we were kissing. 

The restaurant even gave us a complimentary piece of this orgasmic strawberry cake which tasted like heaven.
It was the most amazing night of my life. 

We ended the night at the Sahara Hotel, where we sang karaoke and danced and hugged and celebrated.  Well that's how we publicly ended the night.  Privately, Clay and I went to the Palms Hotel where he had a honeymoon suite ready and waiting.  

Have I mentioned just how lucky of a girl I am? ;)


  1. Was wondering where your something blue was! lol. Love, love, love everything about this perfect day. If you two aren't soulmates, I have no idea who is. So happy for you both! <3

    And the pictures turned out beautiful!

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