Monday, April 18, 2011

Epic Vegas Trip: Sunday

I woke up Sunday morning married. In Vegas.  And it felt amazing.  I couldn't stop smiling.  Yesterday was an amazing day and last night, was, um, pretty amazing as well.  And it was a beautiful morning in Las Vegas. I couldn't wait to get up and start exploring this city with my husband. 

Our first stop was to the Tropicana though, so I could collect my things, and I had to meet up with Cass and Mary Anne to check out of our room.  Cali had already flown home, Mary Anne's flight was leaving later this evening, and everyone else, including Clay and I myself, were leaving tomorrow.  When I got into the room, I found out that Laura had unfriended Cass on all of the various social networking sites we frequent, without an email or a comment as to why.  Cass was quite upset, especially since she was supposed to stay this night with Laura and Jill.  Now she didn't know where she was going to stay, and without a hesitation I offered that she stay with Clay and me in our room at the Palms. 

Mary Anne decided to extend her stay though and changed her departing flight to tomorrow evening.  We still checked out of the Tropicana and headed to The Westin, where our friend Andy was staying, to store our bags while Mary Anne and Cass made hotel arrangements for Sunday night.

If you ever visit The Westin, make sure you try one of their Bloody Marys.  They're delicious and perfectly spicy and compared to everywhere else in Vegas, absolutely reasonably priced. I had two before I knew it.  And they make excellent breakfasts, what with all their servings of vegetables. ;)  Clay and I also got our souvenir Vegas Starbucks mugs (we try to collect one from all of our vacation spots) and Clay, Cass, Mary Anne and I had a blast laughing and catching up with Andy.

From there we decided to stroll the strip and the best part of Vegas? Taking your cocktails to go.

 Cass and I even got pictures with Woody for our babies back home.

Somehow we ended up at Paris, where we realized we were starving so we tried out La Buffet.  Another delicious Vegas meal!

And I indulged. Don't judge, it's my honeymoon.

After brunch, Clay and I split from Cass and Mary Anne to do some sightseeing and to um, do other honeymoon-ish type things that newlyweds like to partake in.  The plan was to get everyone back together for dinner at the Palms later in the evening. 

I emailed Laura to invite her and Jill to dinner, but she said they already had a late lunch.  I'm not sure where our relationship stood at this point, especially since it was revealed that she had made a hurtful comment about me before the Vegas trip even began.  That, added to the apparent causalness of her cutting ties with Cass (before our girls' trip was even ended!), left me with a strong feeling of apprehension about continuing our friendship that wouldn't go away. 

But there were so many other things to be excited about.  Like being in Vegas with my husband. 

And chocolate martinis with dear friends.

And flirting with handsome, hilarious boys.

And did I mention that I won $115 on a PENNY SLOT!?

Yup, it was a night worth smiling about.  And like any good newlyweds, we politely broke away from our friends at midnight - early by Vegas standards - for some alone time back in our Palms' honeymoon suite.


  1. Aww, looks like you girls had fun!! :D Well, I guess you girls and Clay! :P You look totally gorgeous in all of your super cute outfits! It looks like you just couldn't stop smiling!!

    And as for the Laura stuff, none of it surprises me. And that's all I've got to say about that.

  2. I so wish I could have stayed through until Monday. I didn't get to partake in nearly as many boozy brunches as I would have liked to. And I have heard that the Paris buffet is among the best.

    I love how you can just see that newlywed glow in your face in all these pics. Being a smug married certainly agrees with you.

  3. I have to say that you guys all looked fabulous!!!!

  4. Love it. Love how happy you 2 look and love that you were able to have such an amazing trip.

    Try not to sweat the disconnect with Laura. It's tough to build online relationships sometimes and have them manifest into real life relationships. It's unfortunate but it sounds like you really had a great time with everyone else!