Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Epic Vegas Trip: Monday

Our last day in Vegas! Very bittersweet. I'm having the time of my life, but man, Clay and I miss our kids something FIERCE. We get up, pack our things and head to The Wynn because I had Clay salivating from my constant proclamations of love for the hotel's buffet.   The buffet doesn't disappoint - it's just as good the second time around.  Clay was impressed too, especially by the mini hashbrowns (told you they're good). 

I can't tell if it's my newlywed glow or my ~Sexy Little Bride~ tank from Victoria's Secret that Mary Anne and Cass bought me, but other couples in the restaurant are asking us if we just got married and telling us how long they've been married while holding hands and smiling proudly.  It's such a good feeling and I just know that Clay and I are going to be that old couple telling the story of our wedding to fresh-faced newlyweds in 25 years. 

After our brunch, we headed back to the Strosphere, where just two days ago we got married!, to review and order our wedding portraits.  So exciting!

How crazy to walk in and see portraits from you wedding, printed and displayed.  We spend about an hour looking through all the images and finally we decide on our favorites.  The majority of our order is being shipped, but thankfully we were able to leave with a few smaller images.  I'm glad because there was no way our family members were welcoming us back to Michigan without pictures.

On our way back to The Palms we pass a cheesy souvenir shop, so of course we had to stop.  Clay and I are all about the cheese.  

We pick out shirts for Narls and Emerson, a Christmas ornament, some silly stretchy dice bracelets that both kids will love (Em for wearing and Narls for slingshoting) and a glass cupcake for Em. 

Oh, and we also got a Vegas frame to hold one of our Vegas wedding pictures. I absolutely cannot wait to frame more and get them up around our house!

Finally we're back to the Palms, where we decide to spend the rest of our honeymoon poolside. 

With Captain and Ginger Ales for the missus and Captain and Diets for the mister.

A perfect ending to our amazing wedding and honeymoon. 


  1. Definitely an epic vacation. So, so happy for you guys!

  2. The pics are gorgeous! Who knew a munchkin photographer could turn it out so well? <3 you girl.