Saturday, April 16, 2011

Epic Vegas Trip: Friday

We woke up Friday to an absolute beautiful morning.  Despite very fierce hangovers for me, Cass and Mary Anne, we still were up by 7:30am Vegas time.  Can you say Warriors?  We spent a bit of time discussing the previous night and then called the other girls for breakfast plans.

We walked as a group to the Wynn hotel which - no exaggeration - had some of the best food I have ever eaten.  Even now, just remembering the food, has me salivating for their vanilla mint yogurt with homemade granola, their Greek salad in the most perfect little glass bowls, and the amazing deliciousness of their little hashbrowns and omg, don't even get me started on the dessert bar.  Everything was orgasmic.  

And we had a wonderful time together. You could say we definitely bonded over food :)  We spent a good couple of hours sharing food with each other and just enjoying the entertaining conversations.  It felt good to be together. 

Upon our walk home, we passed The Venetian where Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum is located.  Although incredibly cheesy, we had SO. MUCH. fun here.  At least two hours of fun lol.

I think it was at this point that everyone's hangovers were starting to get to them, added with a general feeling of sleepiness from throwing down all the food from brunch, and tempers were getting short. Everyone had families at home that we were missing and as much as we were enjoying the time together, the overwhelming mix of six very distinct personalities was definitely creating the need for some individual down time.  We headed back to the hotel so that each girl could unwind how ever she wanted- pool time, a hot shower, a nap, whatever.

Cass, Mary Anne and I relaxed the best way we know how - laughing at YouTube videos.  Today's editions included Anjelah Johnson's Nail Salon (just one!), Makenzie from Toddlers and Tiaras (give. me. my. nii-nii!), and a Cupcake Eating Contest that will ensure you a spot in Hell for laughing at.  

We also spent some time researching shows that were playing and talked about setting a spa appointment for the next morning.  Prior to arriving in Vegas we had an email thread going, talking about everything we wanted to do and experience while on vacation- some spa time and seeing a Vegas show were top mentions by a lot of the girls.  Laura, Cali and Jill opted out of the spa so Mary Anne booked Saturday morning massages for me, Cass and herself.

Jill and Laura had previously mentioned in our email thread that they weren't especially interested in seeing a show but if we went to Holly Madison's Peepshow they would go.  Knowing this, we decided that show would be the best bet for a group experience since it's the only one everyone could agree on.  Mary Anne called the girls back to tell them prices and times and it was at this point that Cali, Laura and Jill opted out of the show as well. 

Having some girls go their separate ways during various points of this trip was fine with me, as I never thought that we would spend every minute of every day together.  I do think it bothered Laura though because when we met up for a group dinner before our show, she made a rather rude comment about us wanting to split from them.  This comment caused a great deal of obvious tension between everyone. I personally felt guilty for wanting to go to the spa and to see a show which made me angry.  I know we were here for a group trip, to meet each other and to spent time together, but this was also my first real trip to Las Vegas. I saved for this vacation and I did not want to be made to feel guilty for doing things I wanted to do.  And we had just spent an amazing night and a wonderful afternoon together!  It made me sad. It didn't help that I was already feeling a big down from not being able to talk to Clay in two days; I was missing him so very much.

I'm so glad I texted him because he always knows exactly what to say to cheer me up. And he was right; this is my trip as much as anyone else's and I was going to live it up.  I put Laura's comment out of my mind and I focused on making the absolute best of the rest of the night.

We bought our tickets and enjoyed a bit of pre-gaming at Koi.  We had delicious pink cocktails and surprisingly delicious sushi before the Peepshow started and we each started to relax and feel genuinely excited for our night again.

There were STRICT rules forbidding any and all recording devices during Holly's show so we don't have any pictures of it, but trust me when I say it was AMAZING. Holly Madison is so beautiful and she smiled during the entire performance and Cass, Mary Anne and I were instantly in love with her.  The show is based on naughty remakes of classic nursery rhymes and it was a fucking amazing show.  My favorite parts included dances to Kelis' "Milkshake", Aerosmith's "Pink" and Ginuwine's "Pony".  I fully believe it's a Vegas must-see.

My mood was lifted after the Peepshow and the night only got better with this text message from my honey.  I think he felt bad that I was feeling sad so he called the Palms were I was having my massage appointment on Saturday and TOTALLY BOOKED AND PAID FOR ME TO HAVE THE HAIR DID, NAILS DID, ERRYTHING DID PACKAGE!  I was ecstatic- literally walking on clouds.  God he's amazing.

We called Cali after the show ended and she said they were having a fabulous night at Pure.  Cass had hoped we could go back to Jet for a minute, where we were yesterday, because she had a friend she wanted to meet up with.  I didn't mind spending the night apart from the other girls, mainly because I was having such a fabulous night and I didn't want to be around Laura if she was still upset.  She had texted Cass a couple times during the show alluding to the fact that any negativity was somehow Cass's fault, which was absolutely nuts!  Not only is Cass is super sweet but she's unbelievably easy going; I had no idea where this was coming from!  It was all very confusing and honestly? we wanted no part in it.

So we stayed at Jet, where we had a flawless, and most importantly effortly easy, night. We danced, we laughed, we drank for free in VIP, we enjoyed each other's company, and basically had the times of our lives.


  1. You gals are something fierce :D
    Everyone looked amazing & looks like you guys had a blast (I'm seriously over using this word way too much lately).

  2. Never thought I would actually want to go to Vegas but your posts are swaying me. I'm in love with that first picture.