Friday, July 15, 2011

Slip and Sliding

It has been incredibly hot the last few weeks. Like high 90s, even a dip into the 100s for an hour or two here and there.

And I love it.  I cannot get enough of this heat.  We've been soaking up the sun every hot glorious day, either in the pool, in the sprinkler or at the beach. 

On a whim, Clay & I decided it was time to introduce the World's Most Cautious Water Kids to the hands down best water toy EVER. 

The Slip 'N Slide.

Oh my god, my brother Cory and I LOVED our Slip 'n Slide. The water would be as cold as pure solid ice and we could have had the bumpiest back yard ever, but we didn't care- we were slipping and sliding all afternoon long until our parents made us come in. 

And I was thrilled to see that Narls and Em loved theirs too.  Although Narls had no idea how to make himself slide despite numerous instructions and demonstrations from Clay and myself - and seriously, the Slip 'N Slide in my memory is a whole hell of a lot longer than the Slip 'N Slide in our back yard. 


  1. We had a slip 'n slide too and LOVED IT!! I wanna say we got a longer one at one point and it was like the most AMAZING thing EVER that year! lol. I love these pictures.

  2. Awwww! LOVE! Slip 'n Slide is a classic. It's great when our kids love the same things we enjoyed growing up. But seriously, is that how little they're making them now? I remember them being a lot longer and wider too.