Monday, July 11, 2011

Narls' 2011 T-Ball Season

Narls' second t-ball season has come to an end. Twice a week for the last five weeks, we have been at the t-ball field cheering on our boy. 

Last year was a bit... chaotic... as eight 3-year-olds ran and scrambled after balls.  This year you could really tell they were really getting it.  Narls' hitting improved, as did his running and even his fielding (the fielding was tough for this kiddo. He'd get angry if he couldn't catch every ball that came his way and eventually he'd turn to building rock piles, much to his dad's dismay.)

He had a few of the same kids from last year on his team again this year and he met a couple new friends, but the best part was that he and his bff Christian were on the same team.

Clay coached Narls' team again, in addition to being the overall T-ball director, and the kids (and parents!) loved him.  Clay adored the kids too.  After every game, he'd sit them down and give them stickers and ask them what their favorite part of the game was.  He spent evening at home learning signs so he could communicate better with the two deaf children on the team, he spent his own money buying bats and balls for the kids to use, and he spent time before and after the games helping out where ever he could.  God, I love that man. 

And I love this boy!
I mean seriously, it's gotta be love to get me - Not-So-Sporty Spice - at a baseball field two nights a week.  Every week.  For five weeks.

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  1. Those side to side pics of Narls amaze me. First, because I remember him wrapping up his first season and it doesn't seem like that long ago, and also because of how much he's grown. Where are his chubby little toddler hands?

  2. You almost had me crying, but I have to hold back b/c I'm at work. lol. Love this story. Your man is too sweet and those kiddos are so happy!! Must be love. ;)

  3. So proud of him! He's getting so big! And Clay is wonderful. <3