Monday, July 25, 2011

Cucumber & Tomato Salad

My mom's garden is literally overflowing with cucumbers, which is great because hello, free, but also because they're the second most important ingredient in one of my favorite salads. Her tomatoes are not yet plentiful, which I'm also thankful for because the cherry tomato plant we have growing at our house is pretty bare too and I'm glad to see that the lack of tomatoes isn’t in direct relation to my lack of gardening skills.

But back to the salad, it’s amazing. My favorite summer side dish. I’ve made it a few times this summer already and while I scale down the recipe, my family has still eaten the entire bowl each time. And Narls claims to not even like tomatoes. It’s that good. Especially with fresh cucumbers. And hopefully soon, fresh tomatoes.

The whole dish is pretty subjective in terms of measurements, which is another reason I like it- less chance of messing it up. Just toss in some feta and oil and seasoning and if it’s not enough, then add a bit more until it’s perfect and then enjoy!

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