Friday, July 29, 2011

Femme Fatale

It's ridiculous how much I love Britney Spears. Still. Despite all the crazy, which honestly, has only made her more appealing to me.  And Nicki Minaj is another of my favorites, so to say that I was excited about the Femme Fatale concert was a bit of an understatement. 

My girlfriend Amanda and I had ah-mazing seats thanks to my ah-mazing husband (have I mentioned yet today how much I love him?).

 I even channeled vintage Britney with a denim mini.

 There was an opening bad, some Lost Boys or something?, but we spent the duration of their act at the bar, catching up and consuming cocktails.

 Nicki put on a fierce performance, every bit as involved and dramatic as the one Amanda and I saw a few months ago.  Super Bass was her encore and I recorded it for the babies because that is still their jam.

Then finally, Britney!

 Talk about a show.  Brit went all out: an awesome set list, prison bars, a motorcycle, a hot pink convertible, butterfly wings, and glitter.  Tons of glitter.  There were times where I was pretty sure I was dancing and singing with more gusto than she, but this is my third Britney Spears concert so trust me, I know not to go for her interaction.  I think once you get that expectation out of the way, then you're able to have a better time ;)

We had so. much. fun!  We were both hurting the next morning - Amanda had an 8am work meeting and I had to wrangle kids who decided it would be fab to wake up at 7am, but it was worth it.  Singing and dancing to some of my favorite performers and laughing and hanging out with one of my favorite girls is always worth it.

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