Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moment For Life

One of the many perks of Clay's job is backstage passes. And backstage is where we went at the Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj concert we went to the other night.

Clay and I met up with our friend Ian, who also works in radio, and his girlfriend Amanda. Amanda and I hungout, watching the interworkings of a concert, while our significant others interviewed the performers.

The highlights of the night were seeing Nicki Minaj up close and personal (she's gorgeous!) and having a shirtless Travis Barker walk by us.  The concert was pretty awesome too. We missed the opening acts since we were backstage, but we caught all of Nicki and Wayne's shows and they both rocked. the. house. 

In fact, the only time we sat down was when my and Amanda's ~concert stilettos~ started hurting our feet.  Shoes that hot are worth a bit of discomfort though.

Ultimately though, the absolute best part was a night out with my lova.  <3

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