Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Water Water Every Where

So after exactly a year and a half of homeownership, Clay and I experienced our first house-related problem. A four inch deep problem. As in our entire basement was flooded with a good four inches of water.

Now the basement wasn't especially fabulous to begin with, but it was tidy and we had rugs on the floor to soften things up and THERE WASN'T THIS GROSS POOL TO WADE THROUGH. Ugh. It was awful.

But we handled it like champs, especially Clay. He figured out what happened (our sump pump had quit working), researched new pumps, bought one the next morning at Home Depot and installed it himself with just a bit of help from our friend Mike. He made it look easy.

The worst part was definitely dragging the soaked and ruined rugs up through the house to get them out of the basement. But the best part? Kid Day at Home Depot! Em and Narls got to build periscopes and received another pin for their aprons. Yay for bright sides I guess.

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