Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting: The Little Golden Books Edition

I think one of the things I adore most about my children (and there are so so many things I adore about them) is how much they love to read.

So when I spotted these classic Little Golden Books at Goodwill for a quarter a piece, I grabbed them up immediately.

Narls and Em spent the whole evening looking through them and pointing out the cats and asking me what this word is and having me read them each book. Twice.

I particularly enjoyed the illustrations, like this oddly shaped man wearing a curious outfit...

 and the vintage content, like these boys playing cowboys complete with miniature hats and toy guns.

We ended the night by writing their names in a couple of the books.  Not a bad evening for only $1.50.

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  1. Love the Golden Books! They look like they are awesome condition, nice thrift!