Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Teenage Brother

My baby brother just celebrated his 13th birthday.

He's a teenager now. Unbelievable.  A milestone birthday such as this deserves a pretty special birthday present so Clay and I and the kiddos got him an iPod Touch (in addition to the concert that I took him to last month).  He's pretty spoiled but that's ok because he's a great kid.

Our mom threw him a rad birthday party.  He had some friends over and she decorated the basement with streamers and balloons and blacklights and let the kids write all over the paper-covered walls with blacklight pens.  I took Narls down to show him and when it was time to go back upstairs, he declared that he was staying at the "pawty with the boys".  Well ok then.

He even got to sign Uncle Lukey's shirt.
I'm not entirely sure who had more fun- Luke or Narls.

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  1. Aww! I know the feeling, my baby sister is turning 18 this year. Blows my damn mind. That party is totally rad!