Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Luke's First Concert

My baby brother is 12 and 3 quarters. Almost 13. His age blows my mind more than my kiddos' ages. He sent me a text (almost all of his communication is through text these days) saying he really wanted to go to a particular concert and could I take him and it could be his birthday present. 

Nevermind that I already had an iceskating party scheduled that night for one of my dear friends.
Nevermind that we already have his present bought.
Nevermind that it was three bands I know practically nothing about.
Nevermind that there was a mini snowstorm that night and roads where shit.

It's a big deal, your 13th birthday. And your first concert is a big deal too. And I love this boy so very much. So last Saturday we went and you know what? It was an absolute blast.

Hollywood Undead

Stone Sour

Avenged Sevenfold

It's going to be hard to top this concert though. Because I bought him a pretty rad t-shirt and a bandana.
And we were practically front row.

Oh and he got to meet a couple of the members from Hollywood Undead, which is his favorite band of the three. 

Lucky boy.

And lucky me :)

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