Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Afternoon Delight

Another sick day. Sigh.

My girl isn't any better but on the plus side, she isn't any worse. My intention was to only take the morning off from work but when Clay got home at noon and I passed Em to him, she screamed for me and pretty much broke my heart. So I took her back. And I silently stressed about how much work will be waiting for me at the office if I miss another day and how I was letting my team down and how if I'm going to be off another day then I really need to be starting those dishes or another load of laundry. 

But Em was still crying so I took her down into the family room where we both sat on the couch and took a minute to catch our breath and calm our nerves.  Narls came down, followed by Clay and then Snowmeow and before I knew it, together the five of us sat  with our blankets and the sunshine streaming through the windows and a fire roaring and watched Despicable Me, which was adorable by the way.

After work and preschool and daycare, our family's weekday evenings are rushed with dinner and swim lessons and baths and catching up on each others' days and bedtime. And our weekends are full with birthday parties and home improvements and grocery shopping and errands. It's so very rare that we all just stop and do wonderful nothingness together.

That's the thing about an illness, I guess- it forces you to take a break, relax a little, let your body catch up and stop stressing about everything. And it's funny to me how the littlest-person-in-the-house's illness stopped the whole house...

and brought us together.

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  1. SNOWMEOW WATCHED TOO! My tiny heart melts <333