Friday, October 24, 2014

Em's First Field Trip

The kindergarteners took their first field trip, to an orchard/pumpkin patch.
I've been here before, a few years back, with Narls when he was in kindergarten. I was just as excited and nervous and ready to celebrate fall with my girl and her friends today as I was with Narls then.

We had a little prep sesh prior to the trip where the kiddos made their shirts and crafted some pretty spectacular pumpkins.

The field trip itself went perfectly. We took a hayride through the farm to a pumpkin patch where we picked out our own pumpkins. The kids got to tour the farm and pet a horse and learn how cider is made. We ended the trip with a picnic style lunch on hay bales, complete with donuts and cider.

I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have a job that affords me the flexibility to be with my children for their school events. I love having a career, but my kids are my whole entire world.

And now the loot! Pumpkins, donuts, cider, and caramel apples.
Seriously, this is why fall is everyone's favorite season.

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