Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Field Trip!

Narls and I had our first ever field trip.
To an orchard, with his kindergarten class.

I almost didn't go, even though going on class trips with my kids was something that little girl Ami dreamed about her entire life (I aspire to big things, don't I?). I can talk myself out of almost anything, even things I want, which is completely asinine to my husband and even I don't understand it.  

Anyway, I was worried about what one wears on a kindergarten trip to an orchard, who would I sit with on the bus, what the other moms would be like, would it be kosher to try wine samples if the orchard had a winery, how would I control a crazed child should one be entrusted in my care- you know, true legitimate worries.

But that morning I put on my big girl panties (and some leggings & tall boots if you're wondering what one might wear on a kindergarten field trip to an orchard), and dressed my boy in his shirt that he and his classmates made, and off we went.

And I'm so glad I went! I think I only cried three times- overwhelmed at the familiarity and sweetness of the entire event, all of the kiddos were absolutely amazing children- bright & hilarious little people, and even the other parents were cool & fun.

I had so, so much fun.

I can't wait to do it again.

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