Monday, August 25, 2014

A Month of School Lunches

A week until school starts!
I was reminded because I just got Emerson's lunch box in the mail.
And some refill containers because I'll have TWO lunches to pack each morning. Two! (How is that possible???)
Even just thinking about all those dishes every night gives me anxiety. One thing I'm not stressing about at alllll though is what to pack for lunch. Already worked out that kinks with that last year.  Complete with recipe cards that are printed and filed, which detail exactly what I need (makes grocery shopping so much easier) and prep/cook time. A godsend for busy mornings.
Click on the links below to find the lunches and the recipe cards. :)
week one here.
week two here.
week three here.
week four here.
Just a note, I bought the bags, boxes, containers, everything from laptop lunches. (It's a question I get nearly everyday.) I recommend them 100%. Narls has had his boxes since kindergarten, so for two years now, and they are still in excellent condition. We've never had a leak or a spill. I just cannot say enough good things about these products.


  1. omg this is such an amazing idea. my oldest child is going to kindergarten this year and it makes me nervous lol but he's been talking non stop about what he's taking for lunch. ugh

  2. Totally getting some of these for myself! lol. I was searching for something like this at a Targrt this weekend and bust.