Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Do you want to know what Narls asked me this morning as we drove to Muffins with Mom, his elementary school's annual Mother's Day event:  
When is Kid's Day?
I answered him the same way my parents answered me, and their parents answered them, and every parent everywhere answers their child when they get asked this timeless questions: every day.
Every damn day is Kid's Day.  No joke.
This brought on a conversation about Mother's Day gifts, and I told him and Emerson what I honestly want from them is something they've made.  Tiny handprints forever molded in clay, flowers made from fingerprints, a picture colored just for me. A mom will never want anything other than a homemade, handmade something from her babies. Truth.
But from daddy, now that's a different story.
And if daddy should need some help picking out a perfect something, here is an all new gift guide.
Last year's is here, filled with more super great ideas.

2. A massage. Deep tissue, hot stone, either, both. 60 minutes of pampering is an amazing gift.
3. Travel coffee mug, stuffed with a Starbucks giftcard.
4. Perfume.  Moms love smelling good.
5.  Workout clothes. The ruching on those leggings? I mean really.
6. Slippers.  The fuzzier the better. Extra credit if you slip a pedi giftcard in there.


  1. #5 needs to be in my line of clothing. Except, maybe we can make it pink and not blue? :P

  2. Loving all the cheetah!