Saturday, December 28, 2013

Very Merry Christmas

Our Christmas?

We got our yearly puzzle, that we finished in a week. A thousand pieces. Didn't lose a single one either, which is no small feat with kids and animals running loose in the house.

My parents took Narls and Em for a weekend, a blog post in and of itself for a whole other day, so Clay and I finished up our shopping and put together a couple Christmas projects.

We took the kids to the holiday sing presented at my work. It was different under FirstMerit, although I'm thankful we're still doing one.

We listened to some traditional Christmas songs at the Whiting.

And before we knew it, it was Christmas eve. The kids set out cookies & milk for Santa and carrots & apple slices for the reindeer. We read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. We tracked Santa on our iphone app. Clay and I had Christmas cocktails (speaking of, I highly recommend eggnog & captain).  Presents were wrapped, stockings were stuffed.

He picked that hat out for her. She loved it.

Funny story about Christmas morning- Narls and Em ran downstairs because oh my gosh, Santa left a present unwrapped! A big doll house! Within seconds an alarm was going off. Santa actually left two presents unwrapped- a dollhouse and a laser beam spy kid alarm system. As the alarm sounded, there were shrieks of surprise and tears and then laughter. The memory still makes me smile.

The snow, the lights, the coffee, the snuggles, their smiles ... it was the most perfect Christmas morning yet ♥

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  1. Sounds perfect, and that picture of Narls and Em hugging is priceless. Merry Belated Christmas, Churches. <3