Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December's Favorite Things

 1. elfabit victor getting what's coming to him
2. my baby brother (who's practically a foot taller than me)

 3. stepping up my yoga game with new leggings
4. our home light up with christmas lights

5. getting dressed up for clay's Christmas party
6. the kiddos building their daddy a present at a home depot workshop

7. beautiful babies visiting me at work
8. a real talk note home from narls

9. a jumbo margarita. or two.
10. em grace and her easy bake oven

11. this cat
12. and this cat

13. and this dog
14. hell, all the kids and all the animals


  1. So many fun things! Sounds like a wonderful December! Cute photos.

  2. Oh that note from Narls! love it! made my heart melt all the way to the floor.