Monday, September 30, 2013

September Favorite Things

This is an especially long one. I'm blaming the start of fall.
So many things to love during the autumn. Like,
1. my partner in crime
2. an awesome minion first birthday party for a pretty awesome one year old, miss stevie

3. hairbow twinsies
4. tiny second generation friends

5. campfire clay
6. last superman waffle cone of the season

7. Narls & Amelia catching the bus together on the first day of school
8. And Amelia's mom texting me to say my boy is a true gentleman

9. interesting fashion choices at the Big Sean concert
10. lazy girls

11. wine parties
12. lashes for days

13. pajama day
14. clay finallllllly getting a new iphone

my dear friend Sarah's bridal shower! we forreal never thought this one was getting married so this was an extra special day

15. pretty tiny potatoes
16. september's ipsy bag
17. narls' invitation to his father to join the gimnastucst club
18. my pretty girl riding shotgun

19. nature walks with inquisitive kiddos
20. notes to self

21. naked sword fights
22. perfect evenings of dishes & homework & call me maybe & sunflowers from my husband

23. sleepyheads
24. happy churches

25. wednesday nights filled with wine & candles & paranormal witness with my husband
26. decorating for all hallows' eve

1 comment:

  1. I like that I made it (in a round-about way) into hanging out with or part of like 4 or 5 of your favorite things last month! I think we need to make that a habit because it means we are hanging out more! :)