Friday, March 29, 2013

Playing the These Are A Few of My Favorite Things game a couple days early because of the busy upcoming week, so without further adieu:

My dauther unabashingly eating her chips. No judgement here, girlfran, go on with your hungry self.

Speaking of food, the easiest and yummiest chicken- season, then grill on the Foreman with some red onions. Delicious and healthy.

Narls picking his own books from the Scholastic book orders.
A fierce round of bowling with my favorites.
March's Ipsy bag.

April 12th. CANNOT WAIT.

Spring sunshine and my honeygirl- making Monday mornings manageable.

The treats we made for Narls' kindergarten bakesale.
My Irish charm bracelet.

Afternoons spent at the salon.

And gorgeous new hairstyles.
A suprisingly flattering fortune.

My and Emerson's current favorite song and inside joke.

This man. Forever and always.


  1. Your family is adorable. And yayyyy boobies! You totally have to tell me your experience cuz I want some too

  2. Haha, I was like, "chicken stuffed with rice?", bahaha. Duhhhh....

  3. Your daughter and I eat chips in much the same way...
    No shame.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh! I can't believe new boobie day is so soon!! Ahhh-MAY-zing! Love the new ombre hair. I heart ombre so much
    even when I cut all mine off I kept it ombre'ed. #ombre4eva

  5. The ombrè looks so nice on you not to mention how silk smooth your hair is!

    we found you over on the bloghop and followed you :)

    we would love if you would check out our blog!

    Samantha & Ashley