Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Shower Sweetness

I spent Saturday making a sweet gift for a dear friend of mine. A couple burp cloths, a wipe case, and a bib for her baby girl who will be here (hopefully) before the new year.


I gave Em the option of attending the shower with me, or going with Narls and Clay to a birthday party for a friend of Narls', and she chose the shower.

 She's my girl through and through :)

We had such fun and the shower was absolutely beautiful.

With delicious desserts, 

and sweet special touches.


The hostesses completely outdid themselves.


I won a prize for opening my envelope the neatliest (is that a word?) - surprise, surprise - and it was nail polish! Fun!


Love these girls ♥

and this girl ♥


They're holding hands. Seriously, my heart is melting.
There's something special about baby girls ♥


  1. What a gorgeous shower! I die for that diaper cake...and Em's polished nails!

  2. You are so sweet! Everything went great and you are right the hostesses did outdo themselves. I absolutely loved your gifts. My mom couldn't get over that you made them.