Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sick Day

Despite loading myself up with Vitamin C and green tea, I got sick.


Like waiting in after hours clinic because I'm sure I'm dying sick.


 Good news: not dying. Bad news: horrible case of tonsillitis.

So I'm home sick today. Fun times. My kids promised they'd be "good and quiet" if they could stay home with me and apparently I have sucker written on my forehead, because I agreed.


Actually they are being pretty good, although not entirely quiet (side-eying them so hard right now).  They talked me into doing a Sand Art project (again, I'm a sucker), which turned into multiple Sand Art projects, which are surprisingly fun, albeit messy, to make. Blame the long, run-on sentence on my drugs.

Making them helped (temporarily) take my mind off my burning throat and tonsils and how I can't breathe and/or swallow without dying a tiny bit, so thanks Dr Narls and Dr Emerson. And now I have something pretty to look at from the confines of my warm, comfy bed, which is back where I'm heading. Win win.

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