Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kindergarten Roundup

Today started with Narls' physical at his pediatrician's office...

and ended at the elementary school where he'll be starting kindergarten this fall for kindergarten roundup.

I'm not gonna lie- roundup was crazy.  Clay knew a lot of the other parents there because of coaching t-ball and his job so he kept getting pulled off, we didn't have all of our paperwork filled out, Em was throwing a massive crying fit because she couldn't go off and be tested with Narls, and I'm trying to navigate the halls in my heels without spilling my Starbucks. So you know, typical Churches.  

But it was all good.  The lady who gave Narls his tests said he's an overachiever.  He only had to spell his first name, and he insisted on writing his first, middle, and last. He then insisted on writing the whole alphabet for her (upper and lower case), counting by 1, 2's, and 10's, and asked her a ton of questions about what he should expect in Kindergarten.  In other words, typical Narls.  This kid.

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  1. Narls is an overacheiver? Wonder where he gets that from, hm?