Friday, March 30, 2012

A Party for A Princess

One of my girlfriends has a daughter who was born just three days before Em, so their parties are always the same weekend. Today's was Lily's 3rd birthday party and oh my, was it ever a party fit for princesses. 

Em had another princess party earlier this and she dressed as Snow White; today's party called for a new costume and she happily chose Cinderella.

So imagine her shock and suprise when the real Cinderella showed up. Em couldn't take her eyes off of this living breathing princess. In fact, when Cinderella asked the tiny guests to tell her their names, Emerson told her that her name was Cinderella Church.

The tiny princesses played games, made balloon flowers, danced, and got their faces painted.

Em and Lily ♥

Happy birthday Miss Lily! You sure know how to throw a party :)

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