Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Party

My little girl got an invitation to her first party.

A princess party!

My dear friend Bonnie's daughter Amelia turned four. That's  her with the amazing smile front and center. 

The tiny princesses played games and ate cake and took turns at the pinata and got amazing goodie bags.

They were treated like, well, princesses.

We even got Abby, Olivia, Amelia and Emerson to pose for a picture.  Right now they have no idea that they're Delta Phi Epsilon legacy and that their moms were once wild & crazy college girls who bonded over beers, boys, and our beloved sorority.  Maybe we'll tell them some of our stories...



  1. Seriously! Emerson is getting so big. I cannot believe it! Beautiful girl :)

  2. I love it Ami! Amelia was so sad that all her friends went home that day!